Principal Investigator on grant: Principle investigator holding the grant by which a set of experiments are financed. Several labs led by other PI's may be under one grant.
Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein
Birney Birney Birney
Crawford Crawford Crawford
Dekker Dekker Dekker
Elnitski Elnitski Elnitski
Giddings Giddings Giddings
Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert
Gingeras Gingeras Gingeras
Hardison Hardison Hardison
Hubbard Hubbard Hubbard
Kent Kent Kent
Margulies Margulies Margulies
Myers Myers Myers
Ren Ren Ren
Ruan Yijun Ruan Ruan
Snyder Snyder Snyder
Stam Stamatoyannopoulous Stamatoyannopoulous
Tenenbaum Tenenbaum Tenenbaum
Tullius Tullius Tullius
Weng Weng Weng
White White White

Total = 21