Human Gene KIAA1191 (ENST00000393725.6) Description and Page Index
  Description: Homo sapiens KIAA1191 (KIAA1191), transcript variant 2, mRNA. (from RefSeq NM_001079684)
Gencode Transcript: ENST00000393725.6
Gencode Gene: ENSG00000122203.15
Transcript (Including UTRs)
   Position: hg38 chr5:176,346,062-176,361,765 Size: 15,704 Total Exon Count: 8 Strand: -
Coding Region
   Position: hg38 chr5:176,347,600-176,355,720 Size: 8,121 Coding Exon Count: 6 

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Data last updated: 2019-09-04

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Genomic Sequence (chr5:176,346,062-176,361,765)mRNA (may differ from genome)Protein (286 aa)
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-  Comments and Description Text from UniProtKB
DESCRIPTION: RecName: Full=Putative monooxygenase p33MONOX; EC=1.-.-.-; AltName: Full=Brain-derived rescue factor p60MONOX; AltName: Full=Flavine monooxygenase motif-containing protein of 33 kDa;
FUNCTION: Potential NADPH-dependent oxidoreductase. May be involved in the regulation of neuronal survival, differentiation and axonal outgrowth.
SUBUNIT: Interacts with COBRA1, NOL12 and PRNP.
INTERACTION: P04156:PRNP; NbExp=1; IntAct=EBI-725897, EBI-977302;
SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Cytoplasm (By similarity).
TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Down-regulated in the occipital lobe of an early stage Alzheimer's disease patients.
SIMILARITY: Belongs to the P33MONOX family.

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-  RNA-Seq Expression Data from GTEx (53 Tissues, 570 Donors)
  Highest median expression: 49.82 RPKM in Kidney - Cortex
Total median expression: 1355.49 RPKM

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-  mRNA Secondary Structure of 3' and 5' UTRs
RegionFold EnergyBasesEnergy/Base
Display As
5' UTR -96.70301-0.321 Picture PostScript Text
3' UTR -458.411538-0.298 Picture PostScript Text

The RNAfold program from the Vienna RNA Package is used to perform the secondary structure predictions and folding calculations. The estimated folding energy is in kcal/mol. The more negative the energy, the more secondary structure the RNA is likely to have.

-  Protein Domain and Structure Information
  InterPro Domains: Graphical view of domain structure
IPR026759 - P33MONOX

ModBase Predicted Comparative 3D Structure on Q96A73
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-  Gene Ontology (GO) Annotations with Structured Vocabulary
  Molecular Function:
GO:0003674 molecular_function
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity

Biological Process:
GO:0008150 biological_process
GO:0055114 oxidation-reduction process

Cellular Component:
GO:0005575 cellular_component
GO:0005737 cytoplasm

-  Descriptions from all associated GenBank mRNAs
  KJ894407 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone ccsbBroadEn_03801 KIAA1191 gene, encodes complete protein.
BC006316 - Homo sapiens KIAA1191, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:4125466), complete cds.
BC012848 - Homo sapiens KIAA1191, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:3862538), complete cds.
BC017097 - Homo sapiens KIAA1191, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:14952 IMAGE:3529175), complete cds.
AL390217 - Homo sapiens mRNA; cDNA DKFZp564M1982 (from clone DKFZp564M1982).
BX648859 - Homo sapiens mRNA; cDNA DKFZp686K02233 (from clone DKFZp686K02233).
AB033017 - Homo sapiens mRNA for KIAA1191 protein, partial cds.
AL832558 - Homo sapiens mRNA; cDNA DKFZp547D1018 (from clone DKFZp547D1018).
BC010448 - Homo sapiens KIAA1191, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:18195 IMAGE:4155679), complete cds.
JD168710 - Sequence 149734 from Patent EP1572962.
JD299775 - Sequence 280799 from Patent EP1572962.
JD443841 - Sequence 424865 from Patent EP1572962.
JD508042 - Sequence 489066 from Patent EP1572962.
JD147008 - Sequence 128032 from Patent EP1572962.
JD341728 - Sequence 322752 from Patent EP1572962.
JD470547 - Sequence 451571 from Patent EP1572962.
JD544709 - Sequence 525733 from Patent EP1572962.
JD510183 - Sequence 491207 from Patent EP1572962.
JD060858 - Sequence 41882 from Patent EP1572962.
JD174741 - Sequence 155765 from Patent EP1572962.
JD449053 - Sequence 430077 from Patent EP1572962.
JD137088 - Sequence 118112 from Patent EP1572962.
JD410908 - Sequence 391932 from Patent EP1572962.
JD366478 - Sequence 347502 from Patent EP1572962.
JD249605 - Sequence 230629 from Patent EP1572962.
JD085132 - Sequence 66156 from Patent EP1572962.
JD447701 - Sequence 428725 from Patent EP1572962.
JD332027 - Sequence 313051 from Patent EP1572962.
JD175733 - Sequence 156757 from Patent EP1572962.
JD531482 - Sequence 512506 from Patent EP1572962.
JD444387 - Sequence 425411 from Patent EP1572962.
JD169175 - Sequence 150199 from Patent EP1572962.
JD193546 - Sequence 174570 from Patent EP1572962.
JD452672 - Sequence 433696 from Patent EP1572962.
JD204593 - Sequence 185617 from Patent EP1572962.
JD142887 - Sequence 123911 from Patent EP1572962.
JD065927 - Sequence 46951 from Patent EP1572962.
JD472388 - Sequence 453412 from Patent EP1572962.
JD472389 - Sequence 453413 from Patent EP1572962.
JD472390 - Sequence 453414 from Patent EP1572962.
JD188881 - Sequence 169905 from Patent EP1572962.
JD078398 - Sequence 59422 from Patent EP1572962.
JD101892 - Sequence 82916 from Patent EP1572962.
JD481269 - Sequence 462293 from Patent EP1572962.
AK024675 - Homo sapiens cDNA: FLJ21022 fis, clone CAE06383.
AK225073 - Homo sapiens mRNA for hypothetical protein LOC57179 variant, clone: CAE06383.
JD097533 - Sequence 78557 from Patent EP1572962.
DQ073392 - Homo sapiens p33MONOX mRNA, complete cds.
AK315428 - Homo sapiens cDNA, FLJ96484.
CU679717 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens gateway clone IMAGE:100018797 5' read KIAA1191 mRNA.
HQ447415 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone IMAGE:100070738; CCSB002447_04 KIAA1191 (KIAA1191) gene, encodes complete protein.
EU831935 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone HAIB:100066964; DKFZo008C1223 KIAA1191 protein (KIAA1191) gene, encodes complete protein.
EU832030 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone HAIB:100067059; DKFZo004C1224 KIAA1191 protein (KIAA1191) gene, encodes complete protein.
AB384580 - Synthetic construct DNA, clone: pF1KA1191, Homo sapiens KIAA1191 gene for KIAA1191 protein, complete cds, without stop codon, in Flexi system.
CR457331 - Homo sapiens full open reading frame cDNA clone RZPDo834F0413D for gene KIAA1191, KIAA1191 protein; complete cds, incl. stopcodon.
JD405069 - Sequence 386093 from Patent EP1572962.
JD201820 - Sequence 182844 from Patent EP1572962.
DQ577363 - Homo sapiens piRNA piR-45475, complete sequence.

-  Other Names for This Gene
  Alternate Gene Symbols: B2RD69, B8K1S6, NM_001079684, P33MONOX, P33MX_HUMAN, Q6IA24, Q8NDU3, Q96A73, Q9BRE5, Q9H7D5, Q9ULM9, uc003mdx.1, uc003mdx.2, uc003mdx.3, uc003mdx.4, uc003mdx.5
UCSC ID: uc003mdx.5
RefSeq Accession: NM_001079684
Protein: Q96A73 (aka P33MX_HUMAN)
CCDS: CCDS43402.1

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