Schema for GRC Incident - GRC Incident Database
  Database: mm10    Primary Table: grcIncidentDb Data last updated: 2018-05-04
Big Bed File: /gbdb/mm10/bbi/grcIncidentDb/
Item Count: 986
Format description: GRC incident DB, bigBed 4 + with extra field for detail page
chromchr1Reference sequence chromosome or scaffold
chromStart133719041Start position in chromosome
chromEnd133898626End position in chromosome
nameMG-3933Short Name of item
Category: Clone Problem
Status: Resolved

Sample Rows
chr1133719041133898626MG-3933Category: Clone ProblemStatus: Resolved
chr1135049525135220894MG-135Category: Clone ProblemStatus: Resolved
chr1143290261143455702MG-3517Category: GapStatus: Resolved
chr1156094135156333976MG-3669Category: GapStatus: Resolved
chr1156110201156333976MG-101Category: GapStatus: Resolved
chr1156168743156333976MG-200Category: Clone ProblemStatus: Resolved
chr1173701129173976013MG-4046Category: Clone ProblemStatus: Resolved
chr1173716973174051183MG-4258Category: VariationStatus: Open
chr1173817253174051183MG-4258Category: VariationStatus: Open
chr1178144750178344759MG-4281Category: Clone ProblemStatus: Resolved

GRC Incident (grcIncidentDb) Track Description


This track shows locations in the mouse assembly where assembly problems have been noted or resolved, as reported by the Genome Reference Consortium (GRC).

If you would like to report an assembly problem, please use the GRC issue reporting system.


Data for this track are extracted from the GRC incident database from the specific species *_issues.gff3 file. The track is synchronized once daily to incorporate new updates.


The data and presentation of this track were prepared by Hiram Clawson.