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Histone Modification by Chip-seq Signal from REMC/UCSF-UBC-USC

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 All Assay Type H3K27ac  H3K27me3  H3K36me3  H3K4me1  H3K4me3  H3K9ac  H3K9me3  Input 
Sample Type
Brain Germinal Matrix 
Breast Luminal Epithelial Cells 
Breast Myoepithelial Cells 
Breast Stem Cells 
Breast vHMEC 
CD4 Naive Primary Cells 
CD8 Naive Primary Cells 
Fetal Brain 
Neurosphere Cultured Cells Cortex Derived 
Neurosphere Cultured Cells Ganglionic Eminence Derived 
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Primary Cells 
Penis Foreskin Keratinocyte Primary Cells 
Penis Foreskin Fibroblast Primary Cells 
Penis Foreskin Melanocyte Primary Cells 
Breast Fibroblast Primary Cells 
Placenta Chorion Smooth 
Pancreatic Islets 
Placenta Amnion 
Sample Type
 All Assay Type H3K27ac  H3K27me3  H3K36me3  H3K4me1  H3K4me3  H3K9ac  H3K9me3  Input 
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