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AoSMC response to FGF2 timecourse 
AoSMC response to IL1b timecourse 
ES to cardiomyocyte timecourse 
Embryoid body to melanocyte timecourse 
Epithelial to mesenchymal timecourse 
Human iPS to neuron (Down's syndrome) 1 timecourse 
Human iPS to neuron (Down's syndrome) 2 timecourse 
Human iPS to neuron (wt) 1 timecourse 
Human iPS to neuron (wt) 2 timecourse 
Lymphatic EC response to VEGFC timecourse 
MCF7 response to EGF timecourse 
MCF7 response to HRG timecourse 
MSC to adipocyte (human) timecourse 
Macrophage influenza infection timecourse 
Macrophage response to LPS timecourse 
Myoblast to myotube (wt and DMD) timecourse 
Preadipocyte to adipocyte timecourse 
Rinderpest infection series timecourse 
Saos calcification timecourse 
other samples in timecourse 
 All Sequence Tech hCAGE  LQhCAGE 
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