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25mers repeat annotation   (All Variation and Repeats tracks)

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Data coordinates converted via liftOver from: Jan. 2007 (WS170/ce4)
Data last updated at UCSC: 2008-09-30


Marking the repetetive 25mers in WS170. The centers of repeated 25mers are marked black and areas that are covered by the 25mers are in grey.


A sliding window of 25 bases was passed over the genome. Each base in the genome is the start of a 25 bp window. The number of occurrences of each of the 25mers is tabulated. Any 25mer that occurs more than once is colored grey over its 25 bp extent, and the center base is marked in black. Thus, runs of consecutive black bases indicate overlapping 25mers with their centers adjacent.


The data for this track is supplied by the Sidow Lab, and the Fire Lab at the Stanford School of Medicine.
Track display advice provided by Hiram Clawson, UCSC Genome Browser Engineering.