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Gene Disruption Project P-element and Minos Insertion Locations   (All Mapping and Sequencing tracks)

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Data last updated at UCSC: 2008-05-01


This track shows the locations of P and Minos transposable element insertions from the Gene Disruption Project, the ongoing collaboration of the Bellen, Hoskins and Spradling labs that began as the BDGP Gene Disruption Project.

Triangular arrows indicate the approximate positions in the reference sequence at which P or Minos elements have been inserted. The direction of the arrow corresponds to the orientation of the insertion: right-pointing arrows indicate forward orientation; left-pointing arrows show reverse orientation. The item name indicates the strain that has a P or Minos insertion at that location. When a stock order number is available for the strain, a link is provided to the Bloomington stock center where the strain can be ordered. The project's strain library contains more than 7670 strains disrupting at least 5359 genes annotated by FlyBase. This track omits several strains whose insertion coordinates are not yet known.


See the Gene Disruption Project Database for materials and methods.


Thanks to the Gene Disruption Project. Please cite the Bellen et al. reference below when using strains from the collection.


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