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Affymetrix ENCODE Extension Transcription tracks   (All Pilot ENCODE Transcription tracks)

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Affy EC Sites  Affymetrix ENCODE Extension Transcription Sites  
Affy EC Signal  Affymetrix ENCODE Extension Transcription Signal  


This super-track combines related tracks of the ENCODE Extension data generated by Affymetrix. There are two member tracks:
  • Affymetrix ENCODE Extension Transcription Sites: the transcribed fragments (transfrags) based on the signal.
  • Affymetrix ENCODE Extension Transcription Signal: RNA abundance signal.


The data from replicate arrays were quantile-normalized (Bolstad et al., 2003) and all arrays were scaled to a median array intensity of 330. Using two different approaches: i) no sliding window ii) sliding 51-bp window centered on each probe, an estimate of RNA abundance (signal) was computed by calculating the median of all pairwise average PM-MM values, where PM is a perfect match and MM is a mismatch. Both Kapranov et al. (2002) and Cawley et al. (2004) are good references for the experimental methods. The latter also describes the analytical methods.


Single biological replicates were generated and hybridized to duplicate arrays (two technical replicates). Transcribed regions were generated from the composite signal track by merging genomic positions to which probes are mapped. This merging was based on a 5% false positive rate cutoff in negative bacterial controls, a maximum gap (MaxGap) of 25 basepairs and minimum run (MinRun) of 25 basepairs (see the Affy TransFrags track for the merged regions).


These data were generated and analyzed by the collaboration of the following groups: the Tom Gingeras group at Affymetrix, Roderic Guigo group at Centre de Regulacio Genomica, Alexandre Reymond group at the University of Lausanne and Stylianos Antonarakis group at the University of Geneva.


Please see the Affymetrix Transcriptome site for a project overview and additional references to Affymetrix tiling array publications.

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