Affy RNA Tracks
Affymetrix PolyA+ RNA tracks   (All Pilot ENCODE Transcription tracks)

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Affy RNA Signal  Affymetrix PolyA+ RNA Signal  Source data version: ENCODE Oct 2005 Freeze
Affy Transfrags  Affymetrix PolyA+ RNA Transfrags  Source data version: ENCODE Oct 2005 Freeze


This super-track combines related tracks of transcriptome data generated by the Affymetrix/Harvard ENCODE collaboration. These tracks show an estimate of RNA abundance (transcription) and the locations of sites showing transcription for all ENCODE regions for various cell types, including HL-60 (leukemia), GM06990 (lymphoblastoid), and HeLa (cervical carcinoma).

RNA was isolated at multiple time points after drug treatment, and hybridized to Affymetrix ENCODE oligonucleotide tiling arrays. Data are displayed as signals (transcript abundance) and transfrags (sites of transcription).

Data for biological replicates can be downloaded from Affymetrix in wiggle, cel, and soft formats.


These data were generated and analyzed by a collaboration of the Tom Gingeras group at Affymetrix and the Kevin Struhl lab at Harvard Medical School.


Please see the Affymetrix Transcriptome site for a project overview and additional references to Affymetrix tiling array publications.

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