UC Davis ChIP Tracks
UC Davis ChIP-chip NimbleGen (E2F1, c-Myc, TAF, POLII) tracks   (All Pilot ENCODE Chromatin Immunoprecipitation tracks)

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UCD Ng ChIP  UC Davis ChIP-chip NimbleGen (E2F1, c-Myc, TAF, POLII)  Source data version: ENCODE June & Oct 2005 Freezes
UCD Ng ChIP Hits  UC Davis ChIP-chip Hits NimbleGen (E2F1, Myc ab, HeLa Cells)  Source data version: ENCODE June & Oct 2005 Freezes


This super-track combines related tracks of ChIP-chip data generated by the Farnham laboratory at the University of California, Davis. ChIP-chip, also known as genome-wide location analysis, is a technique for isolation and identification of DNA sequences bound by specific proteins in cells.

These tracks contain ChIP-chip data for several transcription factors, including E2F1 and PolII, in multiple cell lines including HeLa (cervical carcinoma) and GM06990 (lymphoblastoid). ChIP assays were performed using the protocol found at the Farnham laboratory web site. Array hybridizations were performed using standard NimbleGen Systems conditions. Data are displayed as signals and hits.


These data were contributed by Mike Singer, Kyle Munn, Nan Jiang, Todd Richmond and Roland Green of NimbleGen Systems, Inc., and Matt Oberley, David Inman, Mark Bieda, Shally Xu and Peggy Farnham of the Farnham lab.


Bieda M, Xu X, Singer MA, Green R, Farnham PJ. Unbiased location analysis of E2F1-binding sites suggests a widespread role for E2F1 in the human genome. Genome Res. 2006 May;16(5):595-605.