Ludwig Institute/UC San Diego ChIP-chip tracks   (All Pilot ENCODE Chromatin Immunoprecipitation tracks)

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LI ChIP Various  Ludwig Institute/UCSD ChIP-chip: Pol2 8WG16, TAF1, H3ac, H3K4me2, H3K27me3 antibodies  Source data version: ENCODE June 2005 Freeze
LI gIF ChIP  Ludwig Institute/UCSD ChIP-chip - Gamma Interferon Experiments  Source data version: ENCODE June 2005 Freeze
LI Ng gIF ChIP  Ludwig Institute/UCSD ChIP-chip NimbleGen - Gamma Interferon Experiments  Source data version: ENCODE June & Oct 2005 Freezes


This super-track combines related tracks of ChIP-chip data generated by the Ludwig Institute/UCSD ENCODE group. ChIP-chip, also known as genome-wide location analysis, is a technique for isolation and identification of DNA sequences bound by specific proteins in cells, including histones. Histone methylation and acetylation serves as a stable genomic imprint that regulates gene expression and other epigenetic phenomena. These histones are found in transcriptionally active domains called euchromatin.

These tracks contain ChIP-chip data for transcription initiation complex (such as Pol2 and TAF1) and H3, H4 histones in multiple cell lines, including HeLa (cervical carcinoma), IMR90 (human fibroblast), and HCT116 (colon epithelial carcinoma), with some experiments including interferon-gamma induction.


The data for this track were generated at the Ren Lab, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at UC San Diego.


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