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new All GENCODE V45  All GENCODE annotations from V45 (Ensembl 111)  
All GENCODE V44  All GENCODE annotations from V44 (Ensembl 110)  
All GENCODE V43  All GENCODE annotations from V43 (Ensembl 109)  
All GENCODE V42  All GENCODE annotations from V42 (Ensembl 108)  
All GENCODE V41  All GENCODE annotations from V41 (Ensembl 107)  
All GENCODE V40  All GENCODE annotations from V40 (Ensembl 106)  
All GENCODE V39  All GENCODE annotations from V39 (Ensembl 105)  
All GENCODE V38  All GENCODE annotations from V38 (Ensembl 104)  
All GENCODE V37  All GENCODE annotations from V37 (Ensembl 103)  
All GENCODE V36  All GENCODE annotations from V36 (Ensembl 102)  
All GENCODE V35  All GENCODE annotations from V35 (Ensembl 101)  
All GENCODE V34  All GENCODE annotations from V34 (Ensembl 100)  
All GENCODE V33  All GENCODE annotations from V33 (Ensembl 99)  
All GENCODE V32  All GENCODE annotations from V32 (Ensembl 98)  
All GENCODE V31  All GENCODE annotations from V31 (Ensembl 97)  
All GENCODE V30  All GENCODE annotations from V30 (Ensembl 96)  
All GENCODE V29  All GENCODE annotations from V29 (Ensembl 94)  
All GENCODE V28  All GENCODE annotations from V28 (Ensembl 92)  
All GENCODE V27  All GENCODE annotations from V27 (Ensembl 90)  
All GENCODE V26  All GENCODE annotations from V26 (Ensembl 88)  
All GENCODE V25  All GENCODE transcripts including comprehensive set V25  
All GENCODE V24  All GENCODE transcripts including comprehensive set V24  
All GENCODE V23  All GENCODE transcripts including comprehensive set V23  
All GENCODE V22  All GENCODE transcripts including comprehensive set V22  
GENCODE V20 (Ensembl 76)  Gene Annotations from GENCODE Version 20 (Ensembl 76)  
Assembly: Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38)

updated Note: Updated Feb. 14, 2024


The aim of the GENCODE Genes project (Harrow et al., 2006) is to produce a set of highly accurate annotations of evidence-based gene features on the human reference genome. This includes the identification of all protein-coding loci with associated alternative splice variants, non-coding with transcript evidence in the public databases (NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ) and pseudogenes. A high quality set of gene structures is necessary for many research studies such as comparative or evolutionary analyses, or for experimental design and interpretation of the results.

The GENCODE Genes tracks display the high-quality manual annotations merged with evidence-based automated annotations across the entire human genome. The GENCODE gene set presents a full merge between HAVANA manual annotation and Ensembl automatic annotation. Priority is given to the manually curated HAVANA annotation using predicted Ensembl annotations when there are no corresponding manual annotations. With each release, there is an increase in the number of annotations that have undergone manual curation. This annotation was carried out on the GRCh38 (hg38) genome assembly.

For more information on the different gene tracks, see our Genes FAQ.

Display Conventions

These are multi-view composite tracks that contain differing data sets (views). Instructions for configuring multi-view tracks are here. Only some subtracks are shown by default. The user can select which subtracks are displayed via the display controls on the track details pages. Further details on display conventions and data interpretation are available in the track descriptions.

Data access

GENCODE Genes and its associated tables can be explored interactively using the REST API, the Table Browser or the Data Integrator. The GENCODE data files for hg38 are available in our downloads directory as wgEncodeGencode* files in genePred format. All the tables can also be queried directly from our public MySQL servers, with instructions on this method available on our MySQL help page as well as on our blog.

Release Notes

GENCODE version 45 corresponds to Ensembl 111.

GENCODE version 44 corresponds to Ensembl 110.

GENCODE version 43 corresponds to Ensembl 109.

GENCODE version 42 corresponds to Ensembl 108.

GENCODE version 41 corresponds to Ensembl 107.

GENCODE version 40 corresponds to Ensembl 106.

GENCODE version 39 corresponds to Ensembl 105.

GENCODE version 38 corresponds to Ensembl 104.

GENCODE version 37 corresponds to Ensembl 103.

GENCODE version 36 corresponds to Ensembl 102.

GENCODE version 35 corresponds to Ensembl 101.

GENCODE version 34 corresponds to Ensembl 100.

GENCODE version 33 corresponds to Ensembl 99.

GENCODE version 30 corresponds to Ensembl 96.

GENCODE version 29 corresponds to Ensembl 94.

GENCODE version 28 corresponds to Ensembl 92.

GENCODE version 27 corresponds to Ensembl 90.

GENCODE version 26 corresponds to Ensembl 88.

GENCODE version 24 corresponds to Ensembl 84.

GENCODE version 23 corresponds to Ensembl 81.

GENCODE version 22 corresponds to Ensembl 79.

GENCODE version 20 corresponds to Ensembl 76.

See also: The GENCODE Project Release History.


The GENCODE project is an international collaboration funded by NIH/NHGRI grant U41HG007234. More information is available at, Participating GENCODE institutions and personnel can be found here.


Frankish A, Diekhans M, Jungreis I, Lagarde J, Loveland JE, Mudge JM, Sisu C, Wright JC, Armstrong J, Barnes I et al. GENCODE 2021. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jan 8;49(D1):D916-D923. PMID: 33270111; PMC: PMC7778937; DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkaa1087

A full list of GENCODE publications are available at The GENCODE Project web site.

Data Release Policy

GENCODE data are available for use without restrictions.