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DASHR v2.0 DASHR2_GEO_hg38 small RNA-seq raw sequencing coverage signal

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 All Strand Positive  Negative 
bone1 GSE85809 
brainpfc3 GSE101521 
brainpfc4 GSE64977 
brainsfg1 GSE59286 
breastmilk1 GSE75726 
cd4plustcell2 GSE65515 
cd8plustcellnaive1 GSE66650 
eye1 GSE81254 
foreskin-fibroblastcell1 GSE33584 
gastric1 GSE89051 
liver4 GSE57381 
liver5 GSE87843 
lung3 GSE83527 
lung4 GSE63744 
lung5 GSE37764 
mature-erythrocyte1 GSE63703 
monocyte-derived-macrophage1 GSE51307 
oralmucosa1 GSE70666 
ovary1 GSE64942 
pancreatic-epithelial-cell1 GSE79147 
peripheral-blood-B-cell1 GSE51359 
peripheral-blood-mononucleated-cell1 GSE53080 
plasma3 GSE53080 
primary-BJ-fibroblast1 GSE62776 
primary-fibroblast1 GSE53391 
prostate1 GSE89193 
prostate2 GSE80400 
red-blood-cell1 GSE53080 
serum3 GSE53439 
serum4 GSE71578 
serum5 GSE53080 
umbilical-vein-endothelial-cell1 GSE53080 
ventricular-myocardium1 GSE53080 
wholeblood2 GSE67489 
 All Strand Positive  Negative 
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  Tissue↓1   Track Name↓2  
 brainpfc3 GSE101521  brainpfc3_GSE101521 [+] signal   Schema 
 brainpfc3 GSE101521  brainpfc3_GSE101521 [-] signal   Schema 
 foreskin-fibroblastcell1 GSE33584  foreskin-fibroblastcell1_GSE33584 [+] signal   Schema 
 foreskin-fibroblastcell1 GSE33584  foreskin-fibroblastcell1_GSE33584 [-] signal   Schema 
 lung5 GSE37764  lung5_GSE37764 [+] signal   Schema 
 lung5 GSE37764  lung5_GSE37764 [-] signal   Schema 
 monocyte-derived-macrophage1 GSE51307  monocyte-derived-macrophage1_GSE51307 [+] signal   Schema 
 monocyte-derived-macrophage1 GSE51307  monocyte-derived-macrophage1_GSE51307 [-] signal   Schema 
 peripheral-blood-B-cell1 GSE51359  peripheral-blood-B-cell1_GSE51359 [+] signal   Schema 
 peripheral-blood-B-cell1 GSE51359  peripheral-blood-B-cell1_GSE51359 [-] signal   Schema 
 peripheral-blood-mononucleated-cell1 GSE53080  peripheral-blood-mononucleated-cell1_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 plasma3 GSE53080  plasma3_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 red-blood-cell1 GSE53080  red-blood-cell1_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 serum5 GSE53080  serum5_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 umbilical-vein-endothelial-cell1 GSE53080  umbilical-vein-endothelial-cell1_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 ventricular-myocardium1 GSE53080  ventricular-myocardium1_GSE53080 [+] signal   Schema 
 peripheral-blood-mononucleated-cell1 GSE53080  peripheral-blood-mononucleated-cell1_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 plasma3 GSE53080  plasma3_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 red-blood-cell1 GSE53080  red-blood-cell1_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 serum5 GSE53080  serum5_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 umbilical-vein-endothelial-cell1 GSE53080  umbilical-vein-endothelial-cell1_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 ventricular-myocardium1 GSE53080  ventricular-myocardium1_GSE53080 [-] signal   Schema 
 primary-fibroblast1 GSE53391  primary-fibroblast1_GSE53391 [+] signal   Schema 
 primary-fibroblast1 GSE53391  primary-fibroblast1_GSE53391 [-] signal   Schema 
 serum3 GSE53439  serum3_GSE53439 [+] signal   Schema 
 serum3 GSE53439  serum3_GSE53439 [-] signal   Schema 
 liver4 GSE57381  liver4_GSE57381 [+] signal   Schema 
 liver4 GSE57381  liver4_GSE57381 [-] signal   Schema 
 brainsfg1 GSE59286  brainsfg1_GSE59286 [+] signal   Schema 
 brainsfg1 GSE59286  brainsfg1_GSE59286 [-] signal   Schema 
 primary-BJ-fibroblast1 GSE62776  primary-BJ-fibroblast1_GSE62776 [+] signal   Schema 
 primary-BJ-fibroblast1 GSE62776  primary-BJ-fibroblast1_GSE62776 [-] signal   Schema 
 mature-erythrocyte1 GSE63703  mature-erythrocyte1_GSE63703 [+] signal   Schema 
 mature-erythrocyte1 GSE63703  mature-erythrocyte1_GSE63703 [-] signal   Schema 
 lung4 GSE63744  lung4_GSE63744 [+] signal   Schema 
 lung4 GSE63744  lung4_GSE63744 [-] signal   Schema 
 ovary1 GSE64942  ovary1_GSE64942 [+] signal   Schema 
 ovary1 GSE64942  ovary1_GSE64942 [-] signal   Schema 
 brainpfc4 GSE64977  brainpfc4_GSE64977 [+] signal   Schema 
 brainpfc4 GSE64977  brainpfc4_GSE64977 [-] signal   Schema 
 cd4plustcell2 GSE65515  cd4plustcell2_GSE65515 [+] signal   Schema 
 cd4plustcell2 GSE65515  cd4plustcell2_GSE65515 [-] signal   Schema 
 cd8plustcellnaive1 GSE66650  cd8plustcellnaive1_GSE66650 [+] signal   Schema 
 cd8plustcellnaive1 GSE66650  cd8plustcellnaive1_GSE66650 [-] signal   Schema 
 wholeblood2 GSE67489  wholeblood2_GSE67489 [+] signal   Schema 
 wholeblood2 GSE67489  wholeblood2_GSE67489 [-] signal   Schema 
 oralmucosa1 GSE70666  oralmucosa1_GSE70666 [+] signal   Schema 
 oralmucosa1 GSE70666  oralmucosa1_GSE70666 [-] signal   Schema 
 serum4 GSE71578  serum4_GSE71578 [+] signal   Schema 
 serum4 GSE71578  serum4_GSE71578 [-] signal   Schema 
 breastmilk1 GSE75726  breastmilk1_GSE75726 [+] signal   Schema 
 breastmilk1 GSE75726  breastmilk1_GSE75726 [-] signal   Schema 
 pancreatic-epithelial-cell1 GSE79147  pancreatic-epithelial-cell1_GSE79147 [+] signal   Schema 
 pancreatic-epithelial-cell1 GSE79147  pancreatic-epithelial-cell1_GSE79147 [-] signal   Schema 
 prostate2 GSE80400  prostate2_GSE80400 [+] signal   Schema 
 prostate2 GSE80400  prostate2_GSE80400 [-] signal   Schema 
 eye1 GSE81254  eye1_GSE81254 [+] signal   Schema 
 eye1 GSE81254  eye1_GSE81254 [-] signal   Schema 
 lung3 GSE83527  lung3_GSE83527 [+] signal   Schema 
 lung3 GSE83527  lung3_GSE83527 [-] signal   Schema 
 bone1 GSE85809  bone1_GSE85809 [+] signal   Schema 
 bone1 GSE85809  bone1_GSE85809 [-] signal   Schema 
 liver5 GSE87843  liver5_GSE87843 [+] signal   Schema 
 liver5 GSE87843  liver5_GSE87843 [-] signal   Schema 
 gastric1 GSE89051  gastric1_GSE89051 [+] signal   Schema 
 gastric1 GSE89051  gastric1_GSE89051 [-] signal   Schema 
 prostate1 GSE89193  prostate1_GSE89193 [+] signal   Schema 
 prostate1 GSE89193  prostate1_GSE89193 [-] signal   Schema 

DASHR v2.0 DASHR2 GEO hg38 small RNA signal tracks

This collection of tracks contains raw small RNA signal tracks (genome-wide raw read coverage) across human tissues and cell types included in DASHR2 GEO data collection in DASHR v2.0 (see DASHR 2.0 data summary for information on data collections and included small RNA-seq experiments). Additional details are provided in (Kuksa PP et al, 2018) [1] and (Leung YY et al, 2016) [2].

DASHR 2.0. database

DASHR 2.0 database of small non-coding RNAs can be accessed at https://lisanwanglab.org/DASHRv2


  1. Pavel P. Kuksa, Alexandre Amlie-Wolf, Zivadin Katanic, Otto Valladares, Li-San Wang, Yuk Yee Leung. DASHR v2.0: database of small human noncoding RNAs in human tissues and cell types. Bioinformatics, 2018 doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/bty709
  2. Yuk Yee Leung*, Pavel P. Kuksa*, Alexandre Amlie-Wolf, Otto Valladares, Lyle H. Ungar, Sampath Kannan, Brian D. Gregory, and Li-San Wang. DASHR: database of small human noncoding RNAs. Nucl. Acids Res., 2016 (Database Issue) doi:10.1093/nar/gkv1188


National Institute of General Medical Sciences [R01-GM099962]; National Institute on Aging [U54-AG052427, U01-AG032984, U24-AG041689, UF1-AG047133], National Institute on Aging [T32-AG00255].