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Alignments of Probes from Affymetrix GNF1M Chip   (All Expression and Regulation tracks)

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Alignment Gap/Insertion Display Options Help on display options
Draw double horizontal lines when both genome and query have an insertion
Draw a vertical purple line for an insertion at the beginning or end of the
query, orange for insertion in the middle of the query
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Data last updated: 2007-09-10


This track shows the location of the sequences used for the selection of probes on the Affymetrix GNF1M chips. The annotation contains 31,000 non-overlapping mouse genes and gene predictions.


The sequences were mapped to the genome with blat followed by pslReps using the parameters -minCover=0.3, -minAli=0.95 and -nearTop=0.005.


Thanks to the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) for the data underlying this track.