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Configure Tracks on UCSC Genome Browser: D. melanogaster Apr. 2006 (BDGP R5/dm3)
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-   tracks for doRiNA2    
PicTar2-4-species-Cons-miRNA:targets... PicTar2-4-species-Cons-miRNA:targets
     pictar_mirna_4speciesCons_dm3     PicTar2-4-species-Cons-miRNA:targets
PicTar2-6species-Cons.-miRNA:targets... PicTar2-6species-Cons.-miRNA:targets
     pictar_mirna_6speciesCons_dm3     PicTar2-6species-Cons.-miRNA:targets
TargetScan-Cons.-miRNA:targets... TargetScan-Cons.-miRNA:targets
     TargetScanCons_mirna_dm3     TargetScan-Cons.-miRNA:targets
-   Mapping and Sequencing    
Base Position Chromosome position in bases. (Clicks here zoom in 3x)
Chromosome Band Chromosome Bands
GDP Insertions Gene Disruption Project P-element and Minos Insertion Locations
BAC End Pairs BAC End Pairs
Assembly Assembly from Fragments
Gap Gap Locations
GC Percent GC Percent in 5-Base Windows
Restr Enzymes Restriction Enzymes from REBASE
Short Match Perfect Matches to Short Sequence ()
-   Genes and Gene Predictions    
RefSeq Genes RefSeq Genes
FlyBase Genes FlyBase Protein-Coding Genes
FB Noncoding FlyBase Noncoding Genes
N-SCAN N-SCAN PASA-EST Gene Predictions
EvoFold EvoFold predictions of RNA secondary structure (id_strand_score)
AUGUSTUS AUGUSTUS ab initio gene predictions v3.1
updated Ensembl Genes Ensembl Genes
Human Proteins Human Proteins Mapped by Chained tBLASTn
Other RefSeq Non-D. melanogaster RefSeq Genes
-   Literature    
Publications Publications: Sequences in Scientific Articles
Web Sequences DNA Sequences in Web Pages Indexed by / Microsoft Research
-   mRNA and EST    
Spliced ESTs D. melanogaster ESTs That Have Been Spliced
D. melanogaster ESTs D. melanogaster ESTs Including Unspliced
D. melanogaster mRNAs D. melanogaster mRNAs from GenBank
Other mRNAs Non-D. melanogaster mRNAs from GenBank
-   Expression and Regulation    
Affy Signal Affymetrix Drosophila Development Signal
Affy Transfrags Affymetrix Drosophila Development Transfrags
BDTNP DNase Accs Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project Chromatin Accessibility (DNase)
BDTNP ChIP/chip Berkeley Drosophila Transcription Network Project Transcription Factor ChIP/chip
ORegAnno Regulatory elements from ORegAnno
-   Comparative Genomics    
Conservation (15) 12 Flies, Mosquito, Honeybee, Beetle Multiz Alignments & phastCons Scores
A. gambiae Chain A. gambiae (Feb. 2003 (IAGEC MOZ2/anoGam1)) Chained Alignments
A. gambiae Net A. gambiae (Feb. 2003 (IAGEC MOZ2/anoGam1)) Alignment Net
D. pseudo. Chain D. pseudoobscura (Nov. 2004 (FlyBase 1.03/dp3)) Chained Alignments
D. pseudo. Net D. pseudoobscura (Nov. 2004 (FlyBase 1.03/dp3)) Alignment Net
D. persimilis Chain D. persimilis (Oct. 2005 (Broad/droPer1)) Chained Alignments
D. persimilis Net D. persimilis (Oct. 2005 (Broad/droPer1)) Alignment Net
D. ananassae Chain D. ananassae (Aug. 2005 (Agencourt prelim/droAna2)) Chained Alignments
D. ananassae Net D. ananassae (Aug. 2005 (Agencourt prelim/droAna2)) Alignment Net
D. erecta Chain D. erecta (Aug. 2005 (Agencourt prelim/droEre1)) Chained Alignments
D. erecta Net D. erecta (Aug. 2005 (Agencourt prelim/droEre1)) Alignment Net
D. yakuba Chain D. yakuba (Nov. 2005 (WUGSC 7.1/droYak2)) Chained Alignments
D. yakuba Net D. yakuba (Nov. 2005 (WUGSC 7.1/droYak2)) Alignment Net
D. sechellia Chain D. sechellia (Oct. 2005 (Broad/droSec1)) Chained Alignments
D. sechellia Net D. sechellia (Oct. 2005 (Broad/droSec1)) Alignment Net
D. simulans Chain D. simulans (Apr. 2005 (WUGSC mosaic 1.0/droSim1)) Chained Alignments
D. simulans Net D. simulans (Apr. 2005 (WUGSC mosaic 1.0/droSim1)) Alignment Net
-   Variation and Repeats    
Microsatellite Microsatellites - Di-nucleotide and Tri-nucleotide Repeats
Simple Repeats Simple Tandem Repeats by TRF
RepeatMasker Repeating Elements by RepeatMasker