UCSC Genome Browser on D. melanogaster Apr. 2004 (BDGP R4/dm2) Assembly
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chr3L:16,280,812-16,280,841 30 bp.
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-   Mapping and Sequencing
Base Position
Chromosome Band
BAC End Pairs
GC Percent
Restr Enzymes
Short Match
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
RefSeq Genes
FlyBase Genes
FB Noncoding
Augustus Genes
Geneid Genes
Genscan Genes
Human Proteins
Other RefSeq
-   mRNA and EST
Spliced ESTs
D. melanogaster ESTs
D. melanogaster mRNAs
Other mRNAs
-   Expression and Regulation
Affy Signal
Affy Transfrags
BDTNP DNase Accs
PicTar miRNA
-   Comparative Genomics
Conservation (15)
A. mellifera Chain
A. mellifera Net
A. gambiae Chain
A. gambiae Net
D. virilis Chain
D. virilis Net
D. mojavensis Chain
D. mojavensis Net
D. pseudo Chain
D. pseudo. Net
D. persimilis Chain
D. persimilis Net
D. ananassae Chain
D. ananassae Net
D. yakuba Chain
D. yakuba Net
D. sechellia Chain
D. sechellia Net
D. simulans Chain
D. simulans Net
-   Variation and Repeats
Simple Repeats