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Configure Tracks on UCSC Genome Browser: Chicken May 2006 (WUGSC 2.1/galGal3)
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-   VastDB Hub    
VAST_DB-galGal3 Events track for data galGal3
-   Mapping and Sequencing    
Base Position Chromosome position in bases. (Clicks here zoom in 3x)
Assembly Assembly from Fragments
BAC End Pairs BAC End Pairs
Gap Gap Locations
GC Percent GC Percent in 5-Base Windows
Quality Scores Chicken Sequencing Quality Scores
Restr Enzymes Restriction Enzymes from REBASE
Short Match Perfect Matches to Short Sequence ()
-   Genes and Gene Predictions    
RefSeq Genes RefSeq Genes
Other RefSeq Non-Chicken RefSeq Genes
AUGUSTUS AUGUSTUS ab initio gene predictions v3.1
updated Ensembl Genes Ensembl Genes
Genscan Genes Genscan Gene Predictions
Human Proteins Human Proteins Mapped by Chained tBLASTn
N-SCAN N-SCAN Gene Predictions
tRNA Genes Transfer RNA Genes Identified with tRNAscan-SE
-   mRNA and EST    
Chicken mRNAs Chicken mRNAs from GenBank
Spliced ESTs Chicken ESTs That Have Been Spliced
Chicken ESTs Chicken ESTs Including Unspliced
Condor 454 California Condor 454
Other mRNAs Non-Chicken mRNAs from GenBank
-   Expression and Regulation    
CpG Islands... CpG Islands (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
     CpG Islands     CpG Islands (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
     Unmasked CpG     CpG Islands on All Sequence (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
CpG Islands (AL) CpG Islands - Andy Law (Islands < 300 Bases are Light Green)
-   Comparative Genomics    
Conservation Multiz Alignment & Conservation (7 Species)
Zebra finch Chain/Net Zebra finch (Jul. 2008 (WUGSC 3.2.4/taeGut1)), Chain and Net Alignments
Lizard Chain/Net Lizard (May 2010 (Broad AnoCar2.0/anoCar2)), Chain and Net Alignments
Platypus Chain/Net Platypus (Mar. 2007 (WUGSC 5.0.1/ornAna1)), Chain and Net Alignments
Opossum Chain/Net Opossum (Oct. 2006 (Broad/monDom5)), Chain and Net Alignments
Horse Chain/Net Horse (Sep. 2007 (Broad/equCab2)), Chain and Net Alignments
Guinea pig Chain/Net Guinea pig (Feb. 2008 (Broad/cavPor3)), Chain and Net Alignments
Rat Chain/Net Rat (Nov. 2004 (Baylor 3.4/rn4)), Chain and Net Alignments
Mouse Chain/Net Mouse (July 2007 (NCBI37/mm9)), Chain and Net Alignments
Chimp Chain/Net Chimp (Oct. 2010 (CGSC 2.1.3/panTro3)), Chain and Net Alignments
Human Chain/Net Human (Feb. 2009 (GRCh37/hg19)), Chain and Net Alignments
Turkey Chain/Net Turkey (Dec. 2009 (TGC Turkey_2.01/melGal1)), Chain and Net Alignments
X. tropicalis Chain/Net X. tropicalis (Nov. 2009 (JGI 4.2/xenTro3)), Chain and Net Alignments
Zebrafish Chain/Net Zebrafish (Mar. 2006 (Zv6/danRer4)), Chain and Net Alignments
Stickleback Chain/Net Stickleback (Feb. 2006 (Broad/gasAcu1)), Chain and Net Alignments
Fugu Chain/Net Fugu (Oct. 2004 (JGI 4.0/fr2)), Chain and Net Alignments
Lamprey Chain/Net Lamprey (Mar. 2007 (WUGSC 3.0/petMar1)), Chain and Net Alignments
Lancelet Chain/Net Lancelet (Mar. 2006 (JGI 1.0/braFlo1)), Chain and Net Alignments
-   Variation and Repeats    
RepeatMasker Repeating Elements by RepeatMasker
BGI SNPs SNPs from Beijing Genomics Institute
BGI Coverage Regions Covered by Beijing Genomics Institute SNP Reads
Microsatellite Microsatellites - Di-nucleotide and Tri-nucleotide Repeats
Simple Repeats Simple Tandem Repeats by TRF