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NCBI RefSeq genes, curated subset (NM_*, NR_*, NP_* or YP_*)

NM_001161780.2 at chr8:93916923-93926068

UCSC annotations of RefSeq RNAs (NM_* and NR_*)

NM_001161780 at chr8:93916923-93926068

Gencode Genes

PDP1 (ENST00000396200.3) at chr8:93916947-93926066 -  ... catalytic subunit 1 PDP1 transcript variant 3 mRNA from RefSeq <b>NM_001161780</b> B3KX71 ENST00000396200.1 ENST00000396200.2 NM_001161780 PDP PDP1_HUMAN PPM2C Q5U5K1 Q9P0J1 
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