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Non-Human RefSeq Genes

F36F2.1 at chr8:107842447-107842593 - (NM_001136300) Costars domain-containing protein

Human Aligned mRNA Search Results

AB045292 - Homo sapiens mRNA for M83 protein, complete cds.
EF407830 - Homo sapiens isolate CLL F36 immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (IGHV1-69) mRNA, partial cds.
AJ245036 - Homo sapiens mRNA for immunoglobulin mu heavy chain variable region, partial, clone 2-F36.

Non-Human Aligned mRNA Search Results

MN612747 - Bos taurus clone F36 Ig lamda chain variable region mRNA, partial cds.
MN612692 - Bos taurus clone F36 Ig heavy chain variable region mRNA, partial cds.
AK081696 - Mus musculus 16 days embryo head cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:C130068O12 product:weakly similar to F36F2.1 PROTEIN [Caenorhabditis elegans], full insert sequence.

Ensembl Genes

CXorf36 at chrX:44895844-44945090 - (ENST00000327580)
ZNF367 at chr9:98190057-98220490 - (ENST00000375256)
C5orf36 at chr5:93880683-93980058 - (ENST00000329378)
C4orf36 at chr4:88016383-88032599 - (ENST00000295898)
C22orf36 at chr22:23311603-23318996 - (ENST00000404045)
C19orf36 at chr19:2047868-2048687 - (ENST00000395296)
C19orf36 at chr19:2047868-2050583 - (ENST00000300960)
C19orf36 at chr19:2035101-2050583 - (ENST00000344917)
C12orf36 at chr12:13415290-13420631 - (ENST00000318426)
ZNF365 at chr10:64073539-64100140 - (ENST00000373784)
ZNF365 at chr10:63950213-64101777 - (ENST00000395251)
ZNF365 at chr10:63803957-64101777 - (ENST00000410046)
ZNF365 at chr10:63803922-63832222 - (ENST00000395254)
ZNF362 at chr1:33508763-33538907 - (ENST00000373428)
ZNF365 at chr10:63803922-63832222 - (ENST00000339724)
ZNF365 at chr10:63803922-63910053 - (ENST00000395255)
ZNF365 at chr10:63805959-64100067 - (ENST00000339632)
ZNF365 at chr10:64073539-64100140 - (ENST00000395249)
ZNF365 at chr10:64073692-64101777 - (ENST00000344640)
C13orf36 at chr13:36146049-36169973 - (ENST00000315190)
C19orf36 at chr19:2047380-2050579 - (ENST00000395307)
C19orf36 at chr19:2047868-2050583 - (ENST00000395301)
C22orf36 at chr22:23311588-23319030 - (ENST00000318753)
C3orf36 at chr3:135129840-135130337 - (ENST00000408895)
ZNF366 at chr5:71774990-71839005 - (ENST00000318442)
C7orf36 at chr7:39572534-39579005 - (ENST00000223273)
CXorf36 at chrX:44892563-44945090 - (ENST00000398000)
CXorf36 at chrX:44906511-44945090 - (ENST00000377934)

Rat Quantitative Trait Locus from RGD Coarsely Mapped to Human

Rf36 at chr8:50976353-51159066
Rf36 at chr8:52848390-62863499
Rf36 at chr8:63430489-64161794
Rf36 at chr8:67496434-76300599
Rf36 at chr8:87125474-97316483