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UCSC Genes

CRYBG2 (uc001bmd.4) at chr1:26648350-26680621 - Homo sapiens absent in melanoma 1-like (CRYBG2), mRNA.
CRYBG2 (uc001bmf.3) at chr1:26662957-26664968 - Homo sapiens absent in melanoma 1-like (CRYBG2), mRNA.

International Knockout Mouse Consortium Genes Mapped to Human Genome

Aim1l_26263 at chr1:26648350-26680621
Aim1l_26264 at chr1:26648350-26680621

BC136870 Alignments in Human Aligned mRNAs

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 1922  100.0%          1     -  26648415  26669340  BC136870     1  1922  1922

Non-Human Aligned mRNA Search Results

BC042709 - Mus musculus absent in melanoma 1-like, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:4208685), partial cds.
BC149807 - Bos taurus absent in melanoma 1-like, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:159986 IMAGE:8482815), complete cds.
BC150738 - Mus musculus absent in melanoma 1-like, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:183649 IMAGE:9087649), complete cds.

Ensembl Genes

AIM1L at chr1:26669245-26680587 - (ENST00000374207)
AIM1L at chr1:26658085-26665837 - (ENST00000429942)
AIM1L at chr1:26655100-26662874 - (ENST00000520372)
AIM1L at chr1:26648368-26651472 - (ENST00000374211)
AIM1L at chr1:26648350-26670443 - (ENST00000308182)
AIM1L at chr1:26648350-26670576 - (ENST00000527815)
AIM1L at chr1:26648454-26651611 - (ENST00000374208)
AIM1L at chr1:26658076-26663737 - (ENST00000522923)
AIM1L at chr1:26662957-26664930 - (ENST00000522993)
AIM1L at chr1:26671751-26680621 - (ENST00000475866)

Vega Protein-Coding Annotations

OTTHUMT00000009703 at chr1:26648350-26670342
OTTHUMT00000009790 at chr1:26648368-26651472
OTTHUMT00000009791 at chr1:26648454-26651611
OTTHUMT00000381701 at chr1:26655100-26662874
OTTHUMT00000381702 at chr1:26658076-26663737
OTTHUMT00000381703 at chr1:26658085-26665837
OTTHUMT00000381704 at chr1:26662957-26664930
OTTHUMT00000096878 at chr1:26669245-26680587
OTTHUMT00000009792 at chr1:26671751-26680621

HUGO Gene Nomenclature

CRYBG2 at chr1:26648357-26680621

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Gene

AIM1L at chr1:26648350-26670576

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Transcript

ENST00000308182 at chr1:26648350-26670443
ENST00000429942 at chr1:26658085-26665837
ENST00000475866 at chr1:26671751-26680621
ENST00000527815 at chr1:26648350-26670576