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UCSC Genes

SELENOI (uc021veu.1) at chr2:26568954-26618759 - Homo sapiens ethanolaminephosphotransferase 1 (CDP-ethanolamine-specific) (SELENOI), mRNA.
SELENOI (uc010eyl.1) at chr2:26568954-26618759 - Homo sapiens ethanolaminephosphotransferase 1 (CDP-ethanolamine-specific) (SELENOI), mRNA.

AB621826 Alignments in Human Aligned mRNAs

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  707  100.0%          2     +  26568999  26597939  AB621826     1   707   707

Non-Human Aligned mRNA Search Results

JT413104 - TSA: Ictalurus punctatus aby_k21:3524613 mRNA sequence.
JU336849 - TSA: Macaca mulatta Mamu_511041 mRNA sequence.
JU477593 - TSA: Macaca mulatta Mamu_392027 mRNA sequence.

Ensembl Genes

SEPT14 at chr7:55912230-55930448 - (ENST00000477628)
SEPT11 at chr4:77956077-77961305 - (ENST00000515671)
SEPT11 at chr4:77951936-77961253 - (ENST00000513373)
SEPT11 at chr4:77941685-77960359 - (ENST00000506731)
SEPT11 at chr4:77930933-77936170 - (ENST00000504460)
SEPT11 at chr4:77908941-77933072 - (ENST00000512333)
SEPT11 at chr4:77871015-77932897 - (ENST00000504637)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870989-77955820 - (ENST00000512575)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870919-77951989 - (ENST00000510641)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870856-77959767 - (ENST00000264893)
SEPT10 at chr2:110343297-110371081 - (ENST00000411469)
SEPT10 at chr2:110323407-110371670 - (ENST00000423520)
SEPT10 at chr2:110322002-110371498 - (ENST00000425498)
SEPT10 at chr2:110321792-110325430 - (ENST00000483047)
SEPT10 at chr2:110303379-110371412 - (ENST00000415095)
SEPT10 at chr2:110301814-110371492 - (ENST00000437928)
SEPT10 at chr2:110300563-110371504 - (ENST00000397714)
SEPT10 at chr2:110300559-110371783 - (ENST00000397712)
EPT1 at chr2:26569017-26608007 - (ENST00000447170)
EPT1 at chr2:26531415-26596374 - (ENST00000442141)
SEPT1 at chr16:30394073-30407312 - (ENST00000570039)
SEPT1 at chr16:30392816-30393898 - (ENST00000563743)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389931-30393752 - (ENST00000566517)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389505-30393691 - (ENST00000573615)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389458-30394134 - (ENST00000563957)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389454-30394171 - (ENST00000321367)
SEPT12 at chr16:4835710-4838349 - (ENST00000590303)
SEPT12 at chr16:4833932-4838353 - (ENST00000590741)
SEPT12 at chr16:4827670-4835837 - (ENST00000588241)
SEPT12 at chr16:4827670-4838522 - (ENST00000268231)
CEPT1 at chr1:111720836-111727722 - (ENST00000467362)
CEPT1 at chr1:111686104-111727724 - (ENST00000478042)
CEPT1 at chr1:111682848-111727724 - (ENST00000357172)
CEPT1 at chr1:111682277-111703592 - (ENST00000480324)
CEPT1 at chr1:111682249-111727724 - (ENST00000545121)
CEPT1 at chr1:111682249-111727430 - (ENST00000498239)
CEPT1 at chr1:111682356-111703818 - (ENST00000476865)
CEPT1 at chr1:111683167-111717585 - (ENST00000460443)
CEPT1 at chr1:111715760-111726953 - (ENST00000473474)
CEPT1 at chr1:111725159-111726173 - (ENST00000483427)
SEPT12 at chr16:4827670-4838347 - (ENST00000396693)
SEPT12 at chr16:4827674-4838348 - (ENST00000587603)
SEPT12 at chr16:4834240-4838399 - (ENST00000591861)
SEPT12 at chr16:4836079-4838255 - (ENST00000591624)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389457-30394171 - (ENST00000571393)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389476-30393868 - (ENST00000572252)
SEPT1 at chr16:30389755-30393863 - (ENST00000605106)
SEPT1 at chr16:30390810-30394134 - (ENST00000568577)
SEPT1 at chr16:30393164-30394134 - (ENST00000562152)
SEPT1 at chr16:30394143-30406224 - (ENST00000567783)
EPT1 at chr2:26568982-26618759 - (ENST00000260585)
EPT1 at chr2:26569046-26569768 - (ENST00000462301)
SEPT10 at chr2:110300559-110371720 - (ENST00000356688)
SEPT10 at chr2:110301646-110371492 - (ENST00000334001)
SEPT10 at chr2:110303348-110371670 - (ENST00000545389)
SEPT10 at chr2:110303607-110325448 - (ENST00000468616)
SEPT10 at chr2:110321943-110371670 - (ENST00000486678)
SEPT10 at chr2:110322096-110371495 - (ENST00000493445)
SEPT10 at chr2:110325496-110371514 - (ENST00000461295)
SEPT10 at chr2:110343303-110371087 - (ENST00000442746)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870904-77953311 - (ENST00000502584)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870962-77961537 - (ENST00000505788)
SEPT11 at chr4:77870990-77955974 - (ENST00000510515)
SEPT11 at chr4:77906177-77932928 - (ENST00000512778)
SEPT11 at chr4:77917035-77959767 - (ENST00000541121)
SEPT11 at chr4:77936024-77942792 - (ENST00000506047)
SEPT11 at chr4:77949870-77960268 - (ENST00000502401)
SEPT11 at chr4:77952050-77960479 - (ENST00000513697)
SEPT14 at chr7:55861237-55930482 - (ENST00000388975)
SEPT10P1 at chr8:57389385-57390546 - (ENST00000517342)

Rat Quantitative Trait Locus from RGD Coarsely Mapped to Human

Ept10 at chr10:51929478-52409476
Ept10 at chr10:52501052-53468638
Ept10 at chr10:89189946-102798555
Ept13 at chr19:47239932-48260298
Ept13 at chr19:52189229-52231048
Ept13 at chr19:54074500-54727121
Ept13 at chr19:58452238-58526560
Ept13 at chr19:58621547-58911763
Ept13 at chr19:58944864-59085760
Ept1 at chr2:35807922-44235080
Ept13 at chr5:191428-1524126
Ept13 at chr5:96199765-98405919
Ept13 at chr6:123289858-127869275
Ept13 at chr6:134634835-166786436
Ept13 at chr6:166821733-167552111
Ept13 at chr6:168069000-168275734

HUGO Gene Nomenclature

SELENOI at chr2:26569012-26618753

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Gene

EPT1 at chr2:26568982-26618759

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Transcript

ENST00000260585 at chr2:26568982-26618759
ENST00000442141 at chr2:26531415-26596374
ENST00000447170 at chr2:26569017-26608007