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Ensembl Genes

RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1335186-1337413 - (ENST00000572242)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334942-1335924 - (ENST00000570344)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334910-1337406 - (ENST00000418833)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334902-1336467 - (ENST00000448629)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334907-1337426 - (ENST00000444362)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334932-1335988 - (ENST00000576232)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334952-1337386 - (ENST00000447725)
RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1335799-1337426 - (ENST00000453521)

Vega Protein-Coding Annotations

OTTHUMT00000008127 at chr1:1334902-1336805
OTTHUMT00000099684 at chr1:1334902-1336467
OTTHUMT00000008126 at chr1:1334907-1337426
OTTHUMT00000008128 at chr1:1334910-1336359

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Gene

RP4-758J18.2 at chr1:1334902-1336467

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Transcript

ENST00000444362 at chr1:1334907-1337426
ENST00000448629 at chr1:1334902-1336467
ENST00000570344 at chr1:1334942-1335924
ENST00000576232 at chr1:1334932-1335988