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UCSC Genes

KCNK4-TEX40 (uc009ypm.3) at chr11:64066818-64072239 - Homo sapiens testis expressed 40 (KCNK4-TEX40), mRNA.

NCBI RefSeq genes, curated subset (NM_*, NR_*, NP_* or YP_*)

KCNK4-TEX40 readthrough at chr11:64059194-64072241 - (NR_133662.1)

Ensembl Genes

TEX40 at chr11:64067918-64072242 - (ENST00000539943)
TEX40 at chr11:64067863-64072238 - (ENST00000328404)
TEX40 at chr11:64071127-64072221 - (ENST00000535981)

HUGO Gene Nomenclature

CATSPERZ at chr11:64067831-64072242

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Gene

TEX40 at chr11:64067863-64072238

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Transcript

ENST00000328404 at chr11:64067863-64072238
ENST00000539943 at chr11:64067918-64072242