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UCSC Genes

TXNRD3 (uc003ejc.3) at chr3:126290622-126327476 - Homo sapiens thioredoxin reductase 3 neighbor (TXNRD3), mRNA.

Ensembl Genes

TXNRD3NB at chr3:126290625-126327398 - (ENST00000383572)
TXNRD3NB at chr3:126290632-126291479 - (ENST00000404489)

HUGO Gene Nomenclature

TXNRD3 at chr3:126325894-126373967

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Gene

TXNRD3NB at chr3:126290625-126327398

gnomAD Loss of Function Metrics by Transcript

ENST00000383572 at chr3:126290625-126327398
ENST00000404489 at chr3:126290632-126291479