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Gencode Genes

APOC2 (ENST00000252490.7) at chr19:44946051-44949565 - <b>APOC2</b> ENST00000252490.7 Homo sapiens apolipoprotein C2 APOC2 mRNA from RefSeq 
APOC4 (ENST00000592954.2) at chr19:44942237-44945496 -  ... exists between this gene and the neighboring downstream apolipoprotein C-II <b>APOC2</b> gene provided by RefSeq Mar 2011 Publication Note This 
CLU (ENST00000316403.15) at chr8:27596917-27614700 -  ... blood plasma proteins Inhibits formation of amyloid fibrils by APP <b>APOC2</b> B2M CALCA CSN3 SNCA and aggregation-prone LYZ variants in 
LPL (ENST00000650287.1) at chr8:19939253-19967259 -  ... the cell surface is vital to the function The apolipoprotein <b>APOC2</b> acts as a coactivator of LPL activity in the 
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