Information on EST EH446928

Description: n/a
Gene: n/a
Product: n/a
Author: Mathavan,S., Yao,F., Wong,E., Thoreau,H., Nayudu,M., Govindarajan,K.R., Ruan,Y. and Wei,C.
Organism: Danio rerio
Tissue: brain (including tissues and cartilage around brain)
Development stage: adult fish of 3-4 months old
Cell line: n/a
Sex: males and females mixed
Library: SAMN00152483 FDR103
Clone: FDR103-P00043-BR_C16
Read direction: 5' (guessed from GenBank description)
Date: 2006-12-16
Version: 1
EST sequence: EH446928
Position: chr17:28099832-28101971

mRNA EH446928 alignment does not meet minimum alignment criteria on this assembly.