Experiment (Assay) type: The types of experiments such as ChIP-seq, DNAse-seq and RNA-seq.
Data TypeDescriptionLabel
5C 5C Chromatin Interactions 5C
AffyExonArray Affymetrix Exon Microarray Exon Array
Bip Bidirectional Promoters Bi-dir Promoters
Cage CAGE 5' RNA Tags CAGE
ChiaPet Chromatin Interaction Paired-End Tags ChIA-PET
ChipSeq Chromatin IP Sequencing ChIP-seq
Cluster Element Clusters by Integrative Analysis Integ Cluster
Combined Multi-assay Synthesis Combined
DnaPet DNA Paired-End Tags DNA-PET
DnaseDgf DNase Digital Footprinting DNase-DGF
DnaseSeq DNaseI HS Sequencing DNase-seq
FaireSeq FAIRE-seq Open Chromatin FAIRE-seq
Genotype Genotype CNV and SNP Genotype
Mapability Short Read Mappability Mappability
MethylArray DNA Methylation Array Methyl Array
MethylRrbs DNA Methyl Reduced Rep Bisulfite Seq Methyl RRBS
MethylSeq DNA Methyl Seq Methyl-seq
MethylWgbs DNA Methyl Whole Genome Bisulfite Seq Methyl WGBS
NRE Negative Regulatory Elements Negative Regulatory Elements
Nucleosome Nucleosome Position Nucleosome
Orchid ORChID DNA Cleavage ORChID
Proteogenomics Mass Spec Proteogenomic Mapping Proteogenomics
RepliChip Assessment of DNA Replication Timing Repli-chip
RepliSeq Assessment of DNA Replication Timing Repli-seq
RipChip RNA IP Microarray RIP-chip
RipGeneSt RNA IP Gene Array RIP Gene ST
RipSeq RNA IP Sequencing RIP-seq
RipTiling RNA IP Tiling Array RIP Tiling Array
RnaChip RNA Protein Interactions RNA-chip
RnaPet RNA Paired-End Tags RNA-PET
RnaSeq Sequencing analysis of RNA expression RNA-seq
Switchgear RNA IP SwitchGear Validation RIP Validation
TfbsValid Validation of Transcription Factor Binding TFBS Validation

Total = 34