Gene interactions and pathways from curated databases and text-mining
OPN1MW: top 25 interacting genes (chrX:153448084-153462352)
Mouse over or click genes or lines for details. Dashed lines indicate interactions without text mining support. Click any gene to make it the new center. Click any line to show details about the interaction. Only OPN1MW-interacting genes and only the most-mentioned/most-curated interactions are shown in the graph. See the Help Page for details.
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Less-frequently mentioned interactions with OPN1MW, not among the Top 25
Other genes interacting with OPN1MW. Mouse-over to show number of abstracts or databases. Sorted alphabetically (sort by article count).
Like above, interactions are colored by support. Grey:only text mining, light-blue:interaction database, blue:pathway database

Data information
Please see the Gene Interactions Track Manual.