Gene interactions and pathways from curated databases and text-mining

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Text-mined interactions from Literome

Li et al., J Biol Chem 2008 : Inhibition of PI3K or mTOR reduced the level of Rap1B , which acts downstream of Rheb and mTOR
Mallon et al., Mol Cancer Ther 2010 : We are testing whether dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitors can durably suppress p-Akt, induce cleaved PARP , and cause tumor regression in a diverse set of human tumor xenograft models
Son et al., Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2011 : Consequently, these results suggest that cadmium mediated ROS generation causes PARP activation and energy depletion, and eventually induces autophagy through the activation of LKB1-AMPK signaling and the down-regulation of mTOR in skin epidermal cells
Rodríguez-Vargas et al., Cell Res 2012 : The absence of PARP-1 blunted AMPK activation and prevented the complete loss of mTOR activity, leading to a delay in autophagy
Ethier et al., PloS one 2012 (Necrosis) : In this study, we show that PARP-1 activation and PAR synthesis affect the energetic status of cells, inhibit the mTORC1 signaling pathway and possibly modulate the mTORC2 complex affecting cell fate