Track Data Hubs

Track data hubs are collections of external tracks that can be imported into the UCSC Genome Browser. Hub tracks show up under the hub's own blue label bar on the main browser page, as well as on the configure page. For more information, including where to host your track hub, see the User's Guide.To import a public hub click its "Connect" button below.

NOTE: Because Track Hubs are created and maintained by external sources, UCSC is not responsible for their content.

Enter search terms to find in public track hub description pages:

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Displayed list restricted by search terms: RefSeqFE

When exploring the detailed search results for a hub, you may right-click on an assembly or track line to open it in a new window.

Clicking Connect redirects to the gateway page of the selected hub's default assembly.
Display Hub Name Description Assemblies
RefSeqFE Hub NCBI RefSeq Functional Elements interactions and features hg38, mm10, mm39
No Unlisted Track Hubs
Optional View Hub Settings
Enter URL to hub to check configuration settings or load hub
Contact us to add a public hub.