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Mutations that may confer drug resistance - from (label: count of GISAID sequences with mutation, Feb 2022)   (All Variation and Repeats tracks)

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Assembly: SARS-CoV-2 Jan. 2020 (NC_045512.2)
Data last updated at UCSC: 2022-03-04 17:36:34


This track lists amino acid positions that are close to certain Covid drug target protein binding sites; potentially relevant for viral drug resistance. The protein products are the S, NSP3, and NSP5 proteins. The data is derived from 3D Protein Data Bank (PDB) X-ray crystal structures and was imported from, a project funded by NIAID, NIGMS and UCR. For more information, please visit that site and look through the 9 protein-drug structures listed.

Display Conventions

The display shows amino acids within 5 Angstroms of an inhibitor binding site on the S, NSP3, and NSP5 proteins. The label of the annotations is the number of GISAID sequences with at least one mutation at this position as of March 3, 2022. Click or mouse-over the mutations to show the full list of nucleotide changes and the frequency of each.

Data Access

You can see the original data as tables on The data can be explored interactively at the Genome Browser with the Table Browser or the Data Integrator. For automated analysis, the genome annotation is stored in a bigBed file that can be downloaded from the download server or the API.

Please refer to our mailing list archives for questions, or our Data Access FAQ for more information.


Thanks to Anna Niewiadomska from the BV-BRC team at the J. Craig Venter Institute for finding the dataset and testing the track. Thanks to the Godzik Lab for making available the data in .tsv format on the website.