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 27 Prim-5  DCD003075SQ  signal  Prim-5, Skarmeta_Lab, DCD003075SQ   Schema 

ATAC-seq tracks

The whole ATAC-seq dataset including raw data and metadata annotation can be found in the DANIO-CODE Data Coordination Center (

This is an ATAC-seq super track that groups together signal of ATAC-seq data (bigWig format) together with the narrow peak signal (bigNarrowPeak format). regions (bigBed format).

The ATAC-seq pipeline used in the analysis is an adapted ATAC-Seq / DNase-Seq Pipeline developed at Kundaje lab ( The pipeline consists of the following steps:

  • Quality filtering and trimming of raw reads (Trim-galore)
  • Mapping reads to the reference genome (Bowtie2)
  • Filtering of reads in the output bam file (samtools and sambamba)
  • Marking optical duplicates (Picard tools)
  • Deduplication (samtools and sambamba)
  • Format conversion to a more manageable tagAlign format (
  • Tn5 shifting of aligned reads
  • Peak calling (Macs2)

The analysis also include fragment length distribution of aligned read pairs, which allows separation of reads into nucleosome-free region spanning, mononucleosome spanning, and di and more nucleosome spanning.

Track definition: ATAC-seq tracks consist of 2 parts: #. ATAC-seq signal. #. Narrow peak signals.

For more information on how the data were processed, please refer