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NCBI RefSeq genes, curated subset (NM_*, NR_*, NP_* or YP_*)

NM_000735.4 at chr6:87085498-87095106

UCSC annotations of RefSeq RNAs (NM_* and NR_*)

NM_000735 at chr6:87085498-87095106

Gencode Genes

CGA (ENST00000627148.3) at chr6:87085498-87095106 -  ... hormones alpha polypeptide CGA transcript variant 2 mRNA from RefSeq <b>NM_000735</b> ENST00000627148.1 ENST00000627148.2 FSHA NM_000735 Q6I9S8 Q6I9S8_HUMAN RP11-156F23.1-001 hCG_33165 uc003plj.1 
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