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Gencode Genes

OPRD1 (ENST00000234961.7) at chr1:28812170-28871267 - Homo sapiens opioid receptor delta 1 (OPRD1), mRNA. (from RefSeq NM_000911)

NCBI RefSeq and Ensembl transcripts from the MANE Project (v0.95)

OPRD1 at chr1:28812170-28871267

RefSeq Genes

OPRD1 at chr1:28812170-28871267 - (NM_000911) delta-type opioid receptor

Retroposed Genes V9, Including Pseudogenes

NM_000911.3-4 at chr1:200872880-200874019
NM_000911.3-16 at chr12:108291991-108292830
NM_000911.3-26 at chr17:73169426-73170289
NM_000911.3-57 at chr5:33936989-33938117
NM_000911.3-60 at chr5_KI270794v1_alt:138311-139439
NM_000911.3-63 at chr7:1091740-1092724
NM_000911.3-68 at chrX:1465498-1466773
NM_000911.3-73 at chrY:1465498-1466773