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NCBI RefSeq genes, curated subset (NM_*, NR_*, NP_* or YP_*)

NM_007293.3 at chr6:31982057-32002681
NM_007293.3 at chr6_GL000252v2_alt:3229830-3250455
NM_007293.3 at chr6_GL000255v2_alt:3238028-3258653

UCSC annotations of RefSeq RNAs (NM_* and NR_*)

NM_007293 at chr6_GL000252v2_alt:3229830-3250455
NM_007293 at chr6_GL000251v2_alt:3459484-3473740
NM_007293 at chr6_GL000255v2_alt:3238028-3258653
NM_007293 at chr6:31982057-32002681
NM_007293 at chr6_GL000254v2_alt:3356831-3377455
NM_007293 at chr6_GL000256v2_alt:3283246-3303870

Gencode Genes

C4A (ENST00000428956.7) at chr6:31982057-32002681 - Homo sapiens complement C4A (Rodgers blood group) (C4A), transcript variant 1, mRNA. (from RefSeq NM_007293)
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