UCSC Genome Browser on Mouse (GRCm38/mm10)
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chrM:1-16,299 16,299 bp.
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CD4_naive_CMS-seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 5.27e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD4_naive_CMS-seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 2.89e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD4_SP_CMS-Seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 4.44e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD4_SP_CMS-Seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 5.62e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD8_naive_CMS-seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 4.43e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD8_naive_CMS-seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 2.40e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD8_SP_CMS-Seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 5.55e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
CD8_SP_CMS-Seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 6.10e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
DP_CMS-seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 5.15e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
DP_CMS-seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 2.42e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
Th1_CMS-seq_IP_BR1_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 4.81e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
Th2_CMS-seq_IP_BR2_HOMER_tag_directory Total Tags = 3.09e+07, normalized to 1.00e+07
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