Prim-5, Mueller_lab, SRA055273 (hub_280355_DCD001532SQ_DCD011330DT_signal)
  Position: chr6:43,426,669-43,433,274
Total Bases in view: 6,606
Statistics on: 19 items covering 19 bases (0.29% coverage)
Average item spans 1.00 bases.
Average value 0.18005 min 0.129262 max 0.368301 standard deviation 0.0730146
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Data last updated at UCSC: 2018-10-17 05:02:27

CAGE-seq tracks

The whole CAGE-seq dataset including raw data and metadata annotation can be found in the DANIO-CODE Data Coordination Center (

This is a CAGE-seq super track that groups together signal (bigWig format) and tag cluster regions (bigBed format). These tracks were produced by the DANIO-CODE CAGE-seq pipeline.

The main processing pipeline of the DCC ("CAGE_pipeline_v1.6") consists of 4 different processing steps :
#.Sequence quality filtering / trimming (FastQC) #.Mapping to the reference genome (Bowtie) #.Tag clustering (Paraclu-9)

There is also an additional signal conversion step for reformatting the input from the main pipeline to adequate UCSC track input format (DANIO-CODE CAGE-seq signal conversion pipeline v1.0).

Track definition: CAGE-seq tracks consist of 2 parts: #. CAGE-seq TSS signals #. and CAGE-seq tag clusters

For more information on how the data were processed, please refer