Prim-5, Bartel_Lab, GSE32880 (hub_280355_DCD007934DT_signal)
  Position: chr6:43,426,669-43,433,274
Total Bases in view: 6,606
Statistics on: 3 items covering 3 bases (0.05% coverage)
Average item spans 1.00 bases.
Average value 7.2533 min 0.182799 max 21.3943 standard deviation 12.2465
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Data last updated at UCSC: 2018-10-19 04:19:14

3P-seq tracks

This is a 3P-seq super track that groups together signal (bigWig format) and tag clusters of transription end site (TES) (bigBed format). These tracks were produced by the DANIO-CODE 3P-seq pipeline.

The DANIO-CODE 3P-seq pipeline consists of 5 steps:
#.Step 1. Filter raw data #.Step 2. Quality Control (FastQC) #.Step 3. Mapping to reference genome (Bowtie) #.Step 4. Obtaining Transcription End Sites (TES) from 3P-seq data #.Step 5. Generating Tag Clusters of TES (Paraclu-9)

Track definition: 3P-seq tracks consist of 2 parts: #. 3P-seq TES signals #. and 3P-seq tag clusters of TES

For more information on how the data were processed, please refer