Prim-5, de Wit Lab, GSE105015, 500000, directionality_index (hub_280355_DCD003041SQ_DCD011095DT_500000_di)
  Position: chr10:33,840,892-34,129,251
Total Bases in view: 288,360
Statistics on: 29 items covering 288,332 bases (99.99% coverage)
Average item spans 9942.48 bases. Minimum span 9,109 maximum span 9,999
Average value -0.0421261 min -0.171554 max 0.0002445 standard deviation 0.0453728
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Data last updated at UCSC: 2018-09-29 02:00:00

HiC tracks consist of bigWig files containing insulation (Crane et al., 2015) and directionality index (Dixon et al., 2012) with varying window sizes (Kruse et al., 2016) of 50k, 500k, and 1Mb respectively.