File Search

The Genome Browser's File Search feature allows users to find downloadable ENCODE files of interest quickly and easily.


Downloadable ENCODE files can be found by entering terms of interest in the free-text Track Name and Description fields, by selecting the appropriate Group or Data Format from the drop-down menus, and/or by using the "ENCODE terms" drop-down filters.

ENCODE terms: The filters in this section allow users to search (or refine their search) for files based on the metadata associated with the ENCODE downloadable files. By default, there are two rows of ENCODE metadata search criteria, but more can be added by clicking the "+" button. To remove an added metadata search row, click the "-" button. Each row is comprised of two menus. The first is a drop-down menu that contains the searchable metadata categories. Please note that because the metadata categories are assembly dependent, the options may vary from assembly to assembly.Some metadata categories have a link on the far right of the row that provides more information about that category. The second menu is usually a multi-select drop-down menu containing the the metadata terms available for the category selected (in the first drop-down). The default is usually set to "Any". Clicking on "Any" opens up the multi-select drop-down with the possible options. Multiple options can be selected by clicking multiple checkboxes. For a few of the metadata categories in the first drop-down menu, the second menu is a free-text field in which the desired term must be entered.


After clicking the "Search" button, the files that meet the search criteria (up to a maximum of 1000 files) are displayed in a table, one file per row. If the displayed search results have been limited to the first 1000 files, a message stating this restriction will be displayed above the results.

Results Header: The first column of the header contains the number of files found (up to a maximum of 1000 files) and the subsequent columns contain a title for the information displayed in that column. The list of files can be sorted by clicking on the header of the column. The files can be sorted on up to 5 attributes.

Files: Click the "Download" button to download a file. Click the icon to go to the downloads page to view that file and all other files associated with the track.